Making Barbie Furniture Sets Printable

Oct 13th

Barbie furniture sets designed for dolls like Barbie called “plays scale.” In a play shell model, equal to 1 inch 6 inches in the original interior. Most furniture printable available on the web use a 1-inch to one foot ratio. Although it’s easy to convert these to scale in a graphics application. When working with large pieces, you may need to customize the pattern to fit the paper size you are using.

Theater Barbie Furniture


Determine the maximum paper size that the printer can use. If you use larger paper sizes, you will minimize the number of pieces you need to mount. Avoiding unnecessary cuts usually improves the end result. If you cannot get paper in any size you need, you can glue plain paper to cardboard when you print it. Load the furniture printable in a graphics editor that lets you work in inches. If you do not see rulers at the top and left margins, look through the menus for an option that allows them. Draw a line that is exactly an inch in a free space on the page.

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Adjust the size of the application to the exact measurements of paper you intend to use. This can cut off some of the design, which indicates a problem that needs to be addressed later. Add a few solid blocks of paint to the four sides of the screen that extend all the way to the edge. This will reveal the actual printable area for paper. Print a test copy of your printable on plain paper. Check the options in the printer driver dialog and set real-size printing (if you find a suitable option). Measure the scaling mark on the test copy to make sure it is exactly one inch long.

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You may need to adjust the number of pixels per inch in the graphics editor. Test until you have a 1-inch printed mark. Determine margin widths by measuring the distance from the edges on your side to where your colored border graphics stopped printing. Create a new file in Graphic Editor, which makes the table size the same size as the paper. Use guides or weak gray lines to mark the margins that will not print. When designing or editing Printing, you cannot allow visible parts of furniture to cross these lines. Save a copy of this file as a template. Rotate the image by 32.2 degrees C and save to be used as a template with the opposite orientation. These templates are now ready to be used as the starting point for each page of your printable.

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